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I'm Garret Jones, the heart and spirit behind this nature-infused venture, and I can't wait to share with you the wonders of our planet.

Garret Jones

Garret Jones

From the lush forests of Brevard, North Carolina to the pristine salt marshes and blackwater rivers of the Southeast, my lifelong journey has been rooted in a deep passion for the environment. Growing up amidst the magnificent beauty of the Pisgah National Forest, I developed an early appreciation for the intricate dance of ecosystems and the urgent need to conserve them. This led me to pursue a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Natural Resources and Ecosystem Assessment at North Carolina State University, a decision that further cemented my commitment to conservation and environmental education.

Throughout my extensive career, I’ve donned many hats—trail builder with the U.S. Forest Service, educator for the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission, Facilities Manager at Amazement Square Children’s Museum, and Education Specialist for the Robert E. Lee Soil and Water Conservation District, to name a few. But, one of my most cherished roles has been as the Executive Director for Wilderness Southeast, where I not only expanded the organization’s program offerings but also introduced the beloved Wild Island Exploration of Wassaw.

With over two decades of experience in the field, I’ve come to recognize that authentic connection to nature is best fostered through immersive experiences. Hence, the inception of Southern Wild Eco Tours.
Here, I bring together my vast knowledge, keen observational skills, and innate ability to connect with diverse audiences. Every tour is meticulously crafted, ensuring participants don’t just see the beauty of our environment but truly understand its delicate balance and the pivotal role they can play in its preservation.

Being deeply embedded in the local environmental community, my affiliations with entities such as the USFWS, UGA/SKIO, Savannah State, and Gray’s Reef Marine Sanctuary have only added to the richness of the experiences Wild Eco Tours offers.

When I’m not navigating the picturesque waterways or unveiling the secrets of our local ecosystems, you might find me sharing my experiences with civic groups, advocating for environmental education, or building partnerships with government agencies and nonprofits.

So, whether you’re eager to glide through serene salt marshes, keen on unraveling the mysteries of the blackwater rivers, or simply looking for an unforgettable eco-adventure, I invite you to join me.

Let’s rediscover the wonder of the wild together!

Garret Jones.

Garret Jones is the owner and operator of Wild Eco Tours. With a rich history spanning over two decades in environmental and conservation education, he's committed to inspiring and educating others about the beauty and importance of our natural world.


Actually, we can take the kayaks anywhere you want to go! Call us for more information!

All participants should be present at the starting point by 9am. This ensures a quick start to our tours, maximizing your experience on the water.

Wear weather-appropriate and comfortable attire along with non-slip shoes suitable for both sailing and kayaking. (No flip-flops please) Bring along water, snacks, sunscreen, and bug spray to keep yourself hydrated and protected throughout the tour.

Weather can be unpredictable, so if conditions aren’t suitable for a safe tour, cancellations are accepted without any issues. For other reasons, we kindly request a minimum of 24 hours notice for cancellations.

Your safety is paramount. If weather turns unfavorable, we may adjust our itinerary, which could involve seeking a safe sheltered spot or returning to our starting point.

Absolutely! Our programs cater to both novices and experienced individuals. For beginners, you’ll receive basic instructions to ensure your experience is both safe and enjoyable.

The duration of kayaking varies depending on the selected tour. For instance, during our Overnight Excursion, clients have the option to kayak out to and explore the islands, providing ample time for kayaking and island exploration.

If you have further queries, feel free to please call 912-800-1958 directly.